What Is The Metaverse? An Easy To Read Guide

What Is The Metaverse? An Easy To Read Guide

The metaverse is a virtual, interconnected space where people can interact, socialize, and engage in various activities using digital technology. Sasha Stiles, a poet and NFT artist, philosophically defines the metaverse as a realm transcending our current universe, where technology enables interactions beyond physical barriers. Gamers have already experienced aspects of the metaverse through virtual-reality games, digital avatars, and online communities.

The global pandemic accelerated technology adoption, making digital interactions common, and Web 3’s metaverse will enhance these experiences with digital wallets holding cryptocurrency and NFT-based assets.

In this guide, you will discover how to take part in the metaverse, how to purchase items in it, and some other frequently asked questions about the fun-filled virtual world.

How To Participate In the metaverse

It would help if you had a suitable cryptocurrency wallet to take part in the metaverse. Most popular metaverse spaces are built on the Ethereum network. However, some are built on other reliable networks such as Solana, Polygon blockchains, etc. To explore the metaverse, you need a wallet that is compatible with the blockchain network on which the metaverse is built on, and then connect it to your mobile internet browser. Below are some popular ones you can use:

Ethereum blockchain

  • Decentraland
  • Enjin
  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity

Solana blockchain

  • Somnium Space
  • Galactic Marketplace


  • CryptoTanks

BNB Chain

  • Metahero

Nonetheless, a pair of VR goggles would do the trick of allowing you to explore the digital land, giving you control over your digital avatar.

What is ownership in the metaverse?

Perhaps you are perplexed that if everything is virtual, how does ownership come in? Well, the answer is not far-fetched.

For instance, if you are playing a video game, sometimes, you will collect unique gems that gives you an additional life. In the game, your avatar can keep the collected valuables in a digital wallet. You would understand this better if you play sub-way surf, which requires you to collect gold coins as you run from the police.

Similar to the real world, ownership works in the metaverse. However, by leveraging blockchain technology, you can save your memories, experience, game level, status, gems, and other things. Such that even when you close your PC or other gadgets, you can still resume back to where you stopped earlier. In a store, the metaverse stores ownership information in a digital ledger to prevent loss or damage and also allow you to control your exposure.

How To Buy Items In the Metaverse?

If you want to purchase an item on an online store, the internet is your only gateway; the same thing applies to the meter verse. However, instead of logging into your account via Facebook or Google, you will connect to your digital wallet, such as MetaMask.

In addition, for you to purchase any item of interest in the metaverse, you need to have a sufficient coin that the merchant supports on the space to cover the cost of the item and other additional fees.

Is the metaverse fun?

Your definition of fun would largely dictate what you do in the digital world. Generally, however, many people do find entering a virtual space to meet and interact with people from different parts of the world while still sitting in their room. This helps to create deep human connections and memories as you can meet many people from different regions of the world with minimal cost and barriers. Furthermore, the metaverse is not tied to only meetings, you can hold a party, ceremony, concert, club, etc., in the space.

What Can You Do In The Metaverse?

Well, finding things to do on the metaverse is similar but not straightforward, like visiting another country for a vacation. In the latter, you only need a tourist to take you through the beautiful parts of the city you visited. Or perhaps, if you are not cool with that, you can easily Google enticing places in your area, and you will have your answer immediately.

However, in the case of the metaverse, you would have to depend on others’ testimony to know interesting activities to take part in. To do that, you simply have to join discord groups where metaverse enthusiasts talk about their experiences with the innovation and share details of upcoming events in the virtual world. From their discussion, you can pick your interest and start exploring, creating your experience in the digital world.

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