$444,000 Invested In SHIB, Market Reacts With A 118% Upsurge

$444,000 Invested In SHIB, Market Reacts With A 118% Upsurge

Recent report has it that a mysterious investor has added 73.255 billion Shiba Inu coins to their portfolio, totaling $541,350. Market watchers from different social media platforms have taken note of this event, while the possible effects on the price of Shiba Inu have begun.

The indicator’s past performance linked to this indicator has produced two recent bullish indications that have led to notable price increases of 118% and 71%, respectively. Gamza Khanzadaev has explained that the performance history has increased speculation regarding Shiba Inu’s potential for growth in the following years.

This event is barely one week after another unknown Whale transferred 4.67 trillion units of SHIB tokens, valued at $38.7 million, to a private wallet in a single transaction. Reports from Zycrypto say that big-time SHIB whales cumulatively held 5 trillion SHIB last week.

Shiba Inu Community Reacts, As Whale Remained Anonymous

A look into various social media communities shows that there has been a lot of excitement and anticipation in the Shiba Inu community. This purchase may significantly impact the direction of the cryptocurrency’s price. Khanzadaev also added that the market is carefully examining the issue and assessing the possible ramifications of this strange whale’s investment behavior.

In his recent comments, the popular industry analyst Ali Martinez said that the TD (Tom Demark) Sequential indicator has been showing a “Buy” signal on the recent Shiba Inu weekly chart. Ali also stated that the latest available data of SHIB transactions shows that almost all their assets, worth  $1.38 million, have been purchased.

Etherscan, the source that made this discovery, explained that the unknown investor had bought over 60 billion units of SHIB, valued at $444,000 (over 2 hours ago). Reports from U.Today also showed that the undisclosed investor recently gained $541,350 in a 73.255 billion SHIB token deal.

Experts Cautions Investors At This Time, As Shiba Inu Continued To Break New Terrains

There has been conjecture over the possible increase for Shiba Inu due to the past performance of this investor’s indication. Recall that on the 18th of September, data from Ethereum revealed that an anonymous Whale had moved around 40 trillion tokens, valued at $4.65 million, after holding it for 24 hours.

The recent Whale activity has also been said to have increased the level of Whale activities in response to the official launch of the Shibarium – Layer 2, which has also generated a lot of traffic within the cryptocurrency space. Data from CoinGecko has ranked Shiba Inu as the world’s second-top trending cryptocurrency asset. It ranked behind PEPE while jumping Dogecoin, which has lost some dominance in the recent week.

The recent adoption of Shiba Inu by WireX, a popular innovative banking alternative, has also been counted in Shiba Inu’s recent success with new positive market activity. Information gathered so far on the activity says that the recent deal allowed 5.5 million WireX active users to make seamless trading and coin purchases. It also gave them access to over 81 million

international retailers.

Analytical data from Crypteye reveals that the total number of Shiba Inu holders has recently increased, surpassing its initial 2.06 million to hit 2.4 million in one year. As of press time, the price of SHIB trades at $0.0000073, a 3.14% decrease in the last 24 hours (according to data from CoinMarketCap).

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