Antminer D7 1157GH/S Dash Miner: ASIC Miner Bitmain D7 Antminer X11 Algorithm Miner Product Guide

Antminer D7 1157GH/S Dash Miner: ASIC Miner Bitmain D7 Antminer X11 Algorithm Miner Product Guide

Bitmain created the specialized ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miner known as the Antminer D7 1157GH/S on November 11, 2016. The Antminer D7 is a cryptocurrency miner made explicitly for Dash (DASH) and other coins that employ the X11 algorithm.

With a weight of 14.80kg and a length of 570 x 316 x 430, it is designed to provide excellent performance and efficiency and has two active fans to cool the temperature while working. The Antminer D7 1157GH/S is made for miners who want to optimize their mining profits because of its high hash rate and energy economy; hence, the 272 in-built processors. 

Key Features of Antminer D7 1157GH/S Dash Miner 

1. High Hash Rate

With a hash rate of 1157GH/s, the Antminer D7 is among the most potent X11 algorithm miners available, considering its 1286 Hashrate. With a high hash rate, mining may be done more quickly and effectively, maximizing possible benefits.

2. Power Consumption

With an approximate total power usage of 3148W, the device operates at a power efficiency of 0.283J/GH. The goal of this power-hash rate equilibrium is to maximize mining profitability. The machine has a Power Supply Unit (PSU) without power cords. The power consumption capacity is 2900w, the voltage capacity is 220V, and the output wattage is 2900 Watts. 

3. Design and General Build

The sturdiness of Bitmain’s Antminer D7 is characteristic of the company’s mining hardware. It has effective dual-fan cooling systems to maintain ideal operating temperatures and guarantee steady performance.

4. User-Friendly Interface

The miner’s user-friendly User Interface (UI) makes setup and monitoring easier. Users can easily configure settings, track performance, and receive warnings for any operational difficulties.

5. Algorithm

The Antminer D7 is the best device for mining Dash and other X11-based coins because it was designed specifically for the X11 algorithm. These coins are guaranteed to operate at peak efficiency and performance with this emphasis.


1. Energy Efficiency

2. Reputable Manufacturer

3. Dedicated X11 Mining

4. Ease of Use


1. High Power Consumption

2. Noise Levels

3. Initial Cost

4. Heat Generation

Key Security Features of the Antminer D7 1157GH/S Dash Miner

1. Secure Firmware and Updates

• Regular Firmware Updates:  Bitmain constantly releases firmware updates to improve the functionality, security, and performance of its mining machines. These upgrades ensure the miner runs efficiently and fixes potential vulnerabilities.

• Encrypted Firmware: The encrypted firmware of the Antminer D7 guards against unauthorized changes and tampering. By limiting the installation of firmware to only legitimate and verified Bitmain firmware, this encryption guards against malicious assaults that could jeopardize the device’s security or performance.

2. Network Security

• SSL/TLS Encryption: The Antminer D7 supports SSL/TLS encryption to communicate securely between mining pools and miners. By prohibiting unwanted access and interception, this encryption protects the data being transferred over the network from unauthorized actors.

• Firewall and Port Management: Users can adjust network ports and firewall configurations to restrict access to the device. By limiting access to reliable IP addresses and turning off unnecessary ports, miners can lessen the possibility of unwanted access and potential cyberattacks.

3. Physical Security and Monitoring

• Tamper-Evident Seals: The Antminer D7’s tamper-evident seals facilitate the detection of any unwanted physical access to the device. By breaking these seals, users may quickly detect tampering and ensure the hardware’s integrity.

• Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: The Antminer D7 includes a strong monitoring system that offers real-time information on the miner’s performance, temperature, and operational status. Users can configure alerts for a variety of criteria, such as temperature thresholds or hash rate fluctuations, which enables prompt attention to possible problems that may point to hardware malfunctions or security breaches.

Final Thoughts

The Antminer D7 1157GH/S is a great option for committed Dash miners because of its performance and efficiency. However, a comprehensive evaluation of the associated costs and environmental factors is essential to maintain a viable and sustainable mining operation.

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