BT-MINERS Bombax EZ100 Ethereum Classic Miner 12500MH/s, The Sophistication In Mining 

BT-MINERS Bombax EZ100 Ethereum Classic Miner 12500MH/s, The Sophistication In Mining 

The Bombax EZ100 Ethereum Classic Miner is purposely designed for the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining. Its impressive hash rate of 12,500 MH/s and its high efficiency and dependability design make it a great option for novice and expert miners.

The Bombax EZ100 is a reliable source of mining hardware for cryptocurrencies. Developed by BT-MINERS, with an Etchash algorithm and a 75db noise level, it is notable for its energy efficiency, performance, and user-friendliness.

Key Features of the Bombax EZ100

High Hash Rate

The Bombax EZ100 guarantees quick and effective mining with a hash rate of 12,500MH/s, significantly raising the likelihood of obtaining as much as  1.19592474 ETC, approximately $22.86 daily. The miner performs at its best under a variety of circumstances because of the combination of its high hash rate and sophisticated algorithms that maximize performance.

Energy Efficiency

The Bombax EZ100 is made to be energy-efficient, using about 1,200 watts and power consumption of 2300W ± 5% @ 25 ℃, amid it’s with its strong performance. It comes with an input voltage of 200 – 285V AC 50-60 HZ, while the efficiency and power balance lowers operating expenses. The miner has a sophisticated cooling system to efficiently control heat dissipation and a power input of Single phase 200 – 285V AC 50-60 HZ thus, essential for longevity and optimum performance.

User-Friendly Interface

The Bombax EZ100 was created with ease of use in mind. Its simple setup procedure makes it easy for beginners and expert miners to integrate easily. With the display panel, users may conveniently manage their mining operations with the help of an intuitive control panel that offers quick access to essential tasks and real-time monitoring.

Durability and Build Quality

Constructed from premium materials, the Bombax EZ100 is resilient and able to bear the demands of continuous use. With a weight of 16.4 KG and 213mm × 295mm × 400mm in dimension, it gives customers peace of mind and guarantees support for any hardware problems; BT-MINERS offers a warranty of up to 6 months.

Benefits of The Bombax EZ100 Ethereum Classic Miner 12500MH/s


The Bombax EZ100 maximizes the possible profits from mining Ethereum Classic with the help of its high hash rate of 12,500MH/s. Because of its energy efficiency, which lowers electricity bills, profitability is further increased.

Ease of Use

Many users, from experienced miners to novices, can utilize the Bombax EZ100 due to its easy-to-use UI and simple setup procedure described in its default user manual. 


The Bombax EZ100 minimizes maintenance needs and downtime by ensuring dependable operation over an extended period through its sophisticated cooling system and sturdy design.

Pros and Cons


• High Hash Rate

• Energy Efficiency

• User-Friendly

• Durable Build

• Comprehensive Warranty


• Initial Cost

• Noise Level

• Space Requirement

Setup and Configuration

Unboxing and Connecting Power

Make sure all the parts are carefully opened after opening the Bombax EZ100. This usually includes the miner unit, power supply, and user handbook. First, connect the miner’s power supply to a dependable power source. To prevent damage, confirm that the power supply satisfies the requirements.

Network Connection and Software Configuration

Use an Ethernet wire to connect the miner to the network. An internet connection that is reliable and fast is essential for mining. Users can use their computer or smartphone to access the control panel. Configure the mining options, including wallet address, pool configuration, and other parameters, by following the on-screen instructions.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Users must monitor the miner’s temperature, performance, and other vital parameters with the control panel. To guarantee peak performance, users must periodically check for firmware upgrades and carry out maintenance as necessary.

Final Thought

With a high hash rate of 12,500MH/s, the Bombax EZ100 Ethereum Classic Miner from BT-MINERS has proven to be a potent and effective mining tool. Its profitability and dependability make it an invaluable addition to any mining company, following  its initial cost and smooth noise level. The Bombax EZ100 may produce remarkable profits and a flawless mining experience with the proper setup and maintenance.

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