ELLIPAL Titan 2.0: A Comprehensive Product Guide

ELLIPAL Titan 2.0: A Comprehensive Product Guide

The Titan 2.0 provides unmatched protection for your digital assets with its cutting-edge security features, intuitive UI, and elegant appearance. The ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 is a cutting-edge hardware wallet made to give cryptocurrency users the highest level of security and usability, considering the integration of the CC EAL5+ security feature.

Having won the Forbes Best Cryptocurrency Wallet of the Year for two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023, the Titan 2.0 expands on the features and functionality of its predecessor, Titan 1.0 (Grey), building on its success to satisfy the changing demands of the cryptocurrency community.

Key Features of ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 Wallet 

1. Air-gapped Security

The Titan 2.0 is not internet-connected and runs offline. This is made possible by its air-gapped design. By doing this, the likelihood of remote assaults and illegal access to the user’s private keys and sensitive data is greatly decreased. 

2. Military-Grade Security Chip

 With its military-grade security chip, the Titan 2.0 protects your digital assets. Your private keys are safely stored on this tamper-resistant chip, protecting them from offline and online threats.

3. Mobile App Compatibility

The Titan 2.0 and the ELLIPAL mobile app work together smoothly to offer more features and capabilities for managing users’ Bitcoin assets while on the go. App users can check transaction history, keep an eye on their portfolio, and get alerts and notifications in real-time.

Security Measures on ELLIPAL Titan 2.0

PIN Protection

Titan 2.0 users must set up a PIN code to unlock the device and access their funds. If the device is misplaced or stolen, this PIN code provides additional security by prohibiting unauthorized access.

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet

Because of the HD wallet architecture used by Titan 2.0, every transaction creates a unique address. Lowering the possibility of address reuse and making it more difficult for attackers to track transactions back to the wallet owner improves privacy and security.

Offline Signing

On Titan 2.0, all transaction signing is done offline, guaranteeing that private keys never leave the safe confines of the device. This defends against cyberattacks and guarantees transaction integrity—even on hacked systems or networks.

Anti-Tamper Design

Because of its anti-tamper construction, the Titan 2.0 is impervious to physical assaults and attempted tampering. The robust design of the gadget and its tamper-evident seals provide users peace of mind that their private keys are always safe.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The Titan 2.0 is compatible with almost all popular cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens, supporting over 10,000 cryptocurrencies,  including:

• Bitcoin (BTC)

• Ripple (XRP)

• Litecoin (LTC)

• Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

• Ethereum (ETH)

• Cardano (ADA)

• Stellar (XLM)

And many more

Setup Process of the ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 Wallet

Step 1: Unbox the Device

Take the Titan 2.0 out of the box and make sure all the accessories are there.

Step 2: Power On the Device

To activate the Titan 2.0, press and hold the power button.

Step 3: Set Up a PIN

To set the device’s PIN code, according to the on-screen directions. To unlock the device and access your funds, users must enter this PIN.

Step 4: Backup the Recovery Phrase

Note down the Titan 2.0’s2.0’s recovery phrase and save it somewhere secure. Users must enter this recovery word to restore their wallet if the device is misplaced or broken.

Step 5: Install the ELLIPAL App

Install the ELLIPAL mobile app on the tablet or smartphone after downloading it. The application is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Step 6: Pair the Device

To associate your tablet or smartphone with the Titan 2.0 via Bluetooth or a QR code, use the ELLIPAL app.

Step 7: Add Accounts

After pairing, users can use the ELLIPAL app to add accounts on Titan 2.0 for your desired cryptocurrency.

Step 8: Start Managing Assets

Users can now begin securely managing their Bitcoin holdings on the ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 after setting up the accounts.


Regardless of the user’s familiarity with cryptocurrencies, the ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 offers the security, ease of use, and adaptability they require to manage your digital assets confidently.

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