Immutable Passport Launched, Triggers a 104% Rise in Avalanche

Immutable Passport Launched, Triggers a 104% Rise in Avalanche

Latest update says that the launch of Immutable Passport, a blockchain-based identity solution, causes notable changes in the price of related tokens. The native token of the Immutable Passport ecosystem, Immutable (IMX), has increased by about 12.12% over the last day to reach $2.35.

Avalanche (AVAX), the native token of the Avalanche blockchain platform, has shown signs of strength, surging by 104% in the last month. Everlodge, a project in the cryptocurrency space, has achieved unprecedented success and added to the market’s dynamic environment.

With the official launch of Immutable Passport, a decentralized identity solution based on blockchain technology, new avenues for safe and open identity verification are now available. Analysis on NewaBTC said by giving consumers control over their data, the platform hopes to replace “antiquated identity verification” methods with safer and more effective ones.

IMX Rise By 12.12%, Shows Strong Bullish Movements

With a current price of $2.35, IMX has seen a significant increase in value, rising by about 12.12% over the last day and almost 18% over the previous seven days. The positive price movement indicates investor confidence in Immutable Passport’s viability and potential impact in the developing field of decentralized identity solutions.

The native token of the Avalanche blockchain platform, Avalanche (AVAX), has shown strong performance and has been in a bullish trend for the past month. Avalanche is renowned for its high-throughput blockchain, which makes smart contracts and decentralized apps (DApps) more rapid and scalable.

Everlodge Experience Significant Expansion, Avalanche Continues to Look Promising

The upward trend in AVAX’s price suggests that the market has responded favorably to Avalanche’s creative solutions, solidifying the platform’s position as a major participant in the cutthroat blockchain industry. Concurrently, a cryptocurrency project, Everlodge ($ELDG), has experienced notable expansion, hitting all-time highs. This new development is currently receiving attention in the cryptocurrency community. $ELDG has been sold for $0.027 since the 8th stage of its presale.

The $ELDG token offers an interesting path for investors wishing to make the best cryptocurrency investment choice, especially with ones that have real estate-related attributes. In the latest tweet by Avalanche, the company disclosed that its vision for next year is to build a cryptocurrency world of multiple chains: a world of one chain with multiple end users.

With the launch of the latest subnets, coupled with the unstoppable innovation in cryptocurrency technology, such vision is beginning to manifest daily, the company posted on X. Avalanche also posted on its X handle that 2024 will not only be a fulfilling year for the cryptocurrency industry but also present more profitable business opportunities.

Everlodge Introduced into the Real Estate Business, Introduces New Ownership Model

In the upcoming weeks, investors and enthusiasts will be closely watching Immutable Passport, Avalanche, and Everlodge’s performance as these projects add to the diversity and liveliness of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

News also has it that Everlodge has started attracting investors’ attention. Everlodge has been described as an innovative marketplace for property, allowing its users to co-own luxury properties like residential apartments and its likes by a small part of the actual amount.

Everlodge is designed to combine vacation apartment ownership, using NFT technology and timeshare to revolutionize the ownership of the real estate business from the traditional “pay-to-own” to “pay-a-fraction-to-own” model.

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