JPEX Increases Withdrawal Fee After Warning From Hong Kong Authority

JPEX Increases Withdrawal Fee After Warning From Hong Kong Authority

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Hong Kong’s financial watchdog, issued a harsh warning after JPEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, increased its withdrawal fee to roughly $1,000 (exactly $999). The action is being taken as the exchange comes under more scrutiny and has regulatory status issues.

The SFC expressed concerns about the exchange’s operations and marketing strategies in a recent public warning against JPEX. Despite not being controlled by any government, JPEX had been advertising itself on its website as a legal and recognized cryptocurrency trading platform.

The Cointelegraph had reported that the move to raise the withdrawal fee is viewed as an effort to control a potential user exodus and create income in the face of regulatory obstacles. However, many customers against the recent development believe the company unjustly targets users who might be considering leaving the platform owing to worries about its regulatory status.

New Increase Sparks Debate, Exchanges To Accept Regulatory Changes

According to reports published on the Cointelegraph platform, JPEX employees failed to represent the company at the Token 2049 event in Singapore, one of the biggest cryptocurrency events in the country.

Industry critics have greatly faulted the company’s legitimacy and dedication to the transparency of the exchange, which was further questioned by this absence. Token 2049 has also come under fire from several cryptocurrency community members for allowing JPEX to promote itself as an event sponsor.

Ezra Reguerra, in his recent report on the Cointelegraph platform, said that the decision by the exchange to increase withdrawal costs has also sparked discussions about the necessity of transparent and equitable pricing structures in the cryptocurrency sector.

Ezra added that exchanges are driven to adapt to changing regulatory requirements as essential stakeholders in the ecosystem, and authorities and the general public will keenly watch their behavior and compliance.

SFC Approves HKVAX’s Type 1 and Type 7 Regulates Activities

Further investigation reveals that after the warning from SFC, some demeaning reports about the move have started flooding the internet space. This is believed to be a move to discourage customers from making withdrawals from the platform. In other news, the Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange (HKVAX) made a public statement on the 11th of August on the official approval of their Type 1 and Type 7 regulated activities.

The announcement explained that with this approval, a Type 1 license will help the company run its digital asset trading platform that also trades on securities. The Type 7, according to the company’s official statement, will help the company deliver an automated trading service to its users and big-time investors.

It was also gathered that HKVAX is working on offering a product section it has termed a “security token.” This product, it said, will take advantage of the opportunities domiciled in the Web3 investments. However, the exchange is awaiting final approval from the Hong Kong authorities to commence full operations.

As Hong Kong Intensifies efforts to regulate the country’s cryptocurrency operations, Julia Leung Fung-yee, the SFC CEO, has explained the renewed effort by the authorities, which most industry players have perceived as harsh, calling it a necessary step to prevent a reply of an FTX 2022 collapse. Leung went ahead to commend the SFC licensing system as it involves virtual asset service firms, affirming its task to keep the industry safe.

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