Top BTC Service Providers, Azteco Gets $6 Million Jack-Led Fundraiser

Top BTC Service Providers, Azteco Gets $6 Million Jack-Led Fundraiser

The former Twitter owner, Jack Dorsey, has successfully led a fundraising effort for Azteco, a popular BTC service provider, to a $6 million fundraising goal. The significant investment is anticipated to further increase Azteco’s global presence and make Bitcoin adoption more widely available.

A look into Azteco’s operations shows that site users can buy Bitcoin vouchers that can be used at more than 600,000 payment stations spread across about 200 countries. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) reported that in 2021, 4.5% of American families were unbanked thus, do not have access to conventional banking services.

The platform offered by Azteco is perceived as a good alternative for these people to use to access financial services and engage in the digital economy. Azteco’s CEO, Emilio Fernandez, stated his enthusiasm for the campaign and its potential to increase the usage of Bitcoin.

While speaking to journalists on this development, Emilio said, “This investment will allow us to reach more people worldwide and give them access to Bitcoin, a financial tool that can empower both individuals and communities.”

Azteco Targets The Unbanked, Dorsey Assists Cryptocurrency Companies Succeed

Reports say that the company is targeting the United States, where it is believed that a sizable portion of families are still unbanked or underbanked. Azteco also thought their services would likely have the most significant impact in those U.S. locations.

Jack Dorsey’s dedication to assisting Bitcoin-related projects is clear from his prior charitable endeavors. In June, he promised to support Bitcoin projects and developers with $5 million. Dorsey and his colleagues are working to disperse this money over five years, giving $1 million each year to projects related to Bitcoin that advance the growth and usage of the digital currency.

Further investigation also revealed that Dorsey’s participation in the Azteco fundraising event aligns with his goals of advancing financial inclusiveness and boosting access to decentralized technologies. He has repeatedly stressed the value of Bitcoin as a tool for financial empowerment, emphasizing individuals who are shut out of the established banking system.

Azteco Gets $6 Million In Funding, Vows To Increase Client Base

News has it that aside from funding different BTC development firms, Dorsey is actively involved in helping to set up Africa’s Web3 industry. It was gathered that Dorsey, alongside Jay-Z (popular rapper), co-founded a Bitcoin NGO called Btrust in 2020, with Africa in mind.

Btrust has been reported to have made moves to acquire Qala, a company to train Africa Lightning engineers and BTC. After a successful acquisition by Btrust, it was rebranded to “Btrust Builders Program,” reaffirming its intentions of expanding BTC development in Africa.

With the $6 million investment, Azteco has assured that it will be able to improve its offerings, broaden its clientele, and keep up its aim of advancing financial inclusion through Bitcoin. Data from the Crypto. New said Azteco has reached almost 600,000 payment geographies in around 200 countries.

Fernandez also mentioned that the company is focused on dominating the United States market, where he said it will have around 4.5% unbanked households in 2021. According to Fernandez’s revelation, these households cannot access bank loans, electronic cash transfers, or online e-commerce platforms like Amazon. He went ahead to ensure that the introduction of BTC would help solve these problems.

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