Float Meme Contest Organized by Ripple Developers Kicks Off 

Float Meme Contest Organized by Ripple Developers Kicks Off 

To commemorate an incredible accomplishment for the XRP Ledger, the engineers of Ripple have launched a novel approach to community outreach: a meme competition. The XRP Ledger has seen a sharp increase in transaction volume, indicating a significant improvement in scalability and adoption.

In their recent statement, Ripple explained that meme competitions are now a common and enjoyable way for cryptocurrency projects to engage with their communities, promoting creativity and acceptance.

Ripple engineers introduced the meme contest to commemorate the XRP Ledger’s record-breaking transaction milestone, perfectly capturing the cryptocurrency world’s vibrant and community-focused atmosphere.

Rules of Game Set, Participants to Distribute Parody Memes 

Participants in the contest are encouraged to make and distribute memes that parody the record-breaking transaction numbers on the XRP Ledger. The Ripple team hopes to harness the community’s creativity by utilizing humor and visual communication to celebrate the accomplishment and improve community involvement.

The open developer platform RippleX has launched a unique and exciting challenge for its developers and the global community. The company dubbed this challenge #builtonXRPL. Participants of this challenge will be eligible for a trip to the Apex Developers Summit. The challenge is motivating developers to display their works by developing memes. Participants are instructed to tag their projects with a #builtonXRPL badge. 

XRP Ledger Beat Records, Records 6.8 Million Daily Transactions 

The XRP Ledger’s ability to conduct 6.8 million transactions daily is evidence of the efficiency and scalability of the platform. The XRP Ledger’s exceptional performance establishes it as a feasible option for various use cases, such as international payments and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

In addition to encouraging the use of its technologies, Ripple has been actively involved in the growth of the larger blockchain ecosystem. As the meme competition becomes more popular among the XRP community, participants share their artistic creations and foster a festive and cooperative environment. 

In November 2023, the XRP Ledger achieved its 84 millionth ledger, evidence of the steady growth of its layer 1 platform. Also, Coreum and Sologenic, the two Ripple projects, saw reasonable progress within the year, considering it’s 35% in 2023.

Cryptocurrency Industry Recounts Major Achievement, Ripple Commends Playful Projects 

As part of 2023 activities, December 30 recorded an all-time high for the XRP Ledger, recording 6.8 million daily transactions. This new milestone exceeds the former record of over five million daily transactions target in 2021. This achievement has further proved the increasing adoption of the XRP Ledger.

The month of November also recorded a new success. Confirming this achievement, Bishop Fox, a top security company, conducted an independent audit of the EVM sidechain and XLS-38 bridge on the XRP Ledger. Regarding the expectations for 2024,  Joel Schwartz, the chief technology officer (CTO) at RippleX, shared an interesting prospect for the future in his recently released report. 

The Ethereum Visual Machine (EVM) also made it as part of 2023 major achievements. Enabled by the Cross-Chain, it works as a compatible sidechain. It was created using Peersyst and Ripple and was meant to create a major link between Ethereum XRP Ledger.

Commending the initiative, Godfrey Benjamin from CoinGape says that the technological accomplishments and Ripple’s emphasis on community involvement through playful projects demonstrate the changing approaches taken by blockchain projects to engage their user base.

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