Whales Move 47 Million XRP  to Other Exchanges, Ripple Struggles

Whales Move 47 Million XRP  to Other Exchanges, Ripple Struggles

XRP sharply dropped in market value after two big transactions in which Whales transferred 47 million tokens to exchanges. In the first transfer, 23.80 million XRP, or roughly $14.84 million, were sent to Bitstamp, while in the second, 24.80 million XRP, or roughly $15.46 million, were transferred to Bitso.

Tens of millions of dollars worth of XRP were exchanged in these trades, which raised selling pressure and affected the mood of the market as a whole. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) rating presently stands at 49.26. The XRP/USD price chart’s drop below its signal line suggests that the market might have slightly negative momentum.

According to these technical indicators, there may be more selling pressure on XRP at the moment, possibly due to whale transfers to exchanges. The said transaction got the attention of Whale Alert, According to the cryptocurrency whale trackers, 46.60 million units of XRP were transferred to an undisclosed centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitstamp, RBitso Receives Large XRP Transfers, Cryptoes Predicts Price Rise 

Bitstamp and Bitso, which received the large XRP transfers, are major participants in the cryptocurrency trading market. Token transfers to these platforms increase market liquidity and cause volatility as traders adjust to shifting supply and demand dynamics. Amid the downward performance, Cryptoes, a market analysis platform, has remained positive about the future of XRP.

Cryptoes analysis also suggested that a return above the major trend line may represent a positive market trajectory for the XRP.  In support of this latest analysis, Egrag Crypto, another prominent cryptocurrency analytic platform, has supported Crypto’s future bullish forecast. 

Egrag Crypto Analysts Release Analysis Forecasts $3.7 in Price 

Following these whale purchases, the XRP community and investors carefully watch the market as the cryptocurrency negotiates the difficulties presented by both internal and external market forces. Egrag Crypto has predicted that the XRP has what it takes to increase to $3.7. It went ahead to cite some historical market analysis, patterns, and trends.

According to the market analysis by Egrag Crypto, investing in the XRP has the propensity to multiply any investor’s portfolio sixfold. The platform also warned that this promise will only benefit investors with substantial investment. December 2023 and February 2024 are the most critical periods for a potential price increase for the XRP. 

Stochastic RSI Indicates Some Oversold Regions, Bounce Back Eminent 

The market’s capacity to withstand selling pressure and bounce back will be widely observed as the cryptocurrency community evaluates the significance of whale transactions and keeps an eye on XRP’s price fluctuations. XRP is expected to attain an upward movement in no time when the dust of the whale’s recent activities must have been calmed.

This event will trigger a buying spree, leading to a market price turnaround. This is also expected to strike a balance between buyers and sellers. According to the stochastic Relative strength index (RSI) trend obtained from the Bitcoin World platform, some oversold regions are in the chart with a 6.75 rating.

Meanwhile, during the price decrease as a result of the recent Whales activities, the XRP market capitalization was reported to have declined by 1.68% and 21.52% respectively, representing  $34,059,801,089 and $1,461,443,740. The decline also affected the price, compelling it to decrease by 1.95%, to reach $0.6358 as at press time.

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